• 70: Arie Scherson

    Arie Scherson is an entrepreneur and ecommerce legend. In this episode with Arie we explore his start in entrepreneurship, where he envisions the digital landscape evolving in the future (ecommerce, NFTs, cyrpto, YouTube, online communities) and what life was like growing up in Chile. Click...
  • 69: New Year Motivation

    This episode is a cultivation of past year’s guests “last piece of advice to their younger self”. I hope it leaves you motivated and ready to crush the new year! Thank you to the new guests of the podcast Austin Gelhar, Ben Zaver, Hannah Houg, Austin Beery, Kris Clewell, Juli & Miranda, Jere...
  • 68: Austin Gelhar

    Austin Gelhar is a certified personal trainer and owner of Austin Gelhar Fitness. In this episode with Austin we dive into his own fitness journey, launching a business in 2019 and tips on how to improve your body & mind.