• 20: Daniel Okon

    Daniel Okon is an entrepreneur and the president of ActivLaunch. He started his first business in 2014 in the field of construction after working at and gaining insight into how to run a construction company. Daniel now owns multiple successful businesses all of which he has started himself and ...
  • 19: Dan Noethe

    Dan Noethe is a sports cards mogul and musician. From collecting sports cards as a young kid, Dan has transformed his early interest in collecting sports cards into a full-time flipping business. Where he has established himself, DMN Takeover, on Twitter with a strong fan base.
  • 18: Nick McLaughlin

    Nick McLaughlin is an astronaut… that is the Stationary Astronaut. At the start of his traveling Nick took interest in moguls and their exploration of the power found within plant medicine. This curiosity for plant medicine, meditation and breath practices further led him to take a trip to the ...